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Last Update: Monday, Feb. 10, 2003.

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The Invisible Web: Uncovering Information Sources Search Engines Can't See
This directory, the companion site to the book of the same name, is brought to us from Chris Sherman and Gary Price, to research specialists. In addition to the Invisible Web Directory, a useful annotated directory of sources for "invisible" resources on the Web, the site features the text from the book's chapter on business and investing resources as well as .pdf versions of the introduction and table of contents. Reporter's SuperSearch

Jim?s Word/Writer?s Links
A great collection of writing resources for journalists and others.

Gannett's Web Tools for Newsrooms
Dozens of helpful links and a great listing of journalism job sites from former OC Register reporter Michelle Nicolosi.

Reporter's Toolbox
A super links site from Chris Callahan of the University of Maryland.
A super writing and journalism site from Bob Baker of the LA Times.

Journalist's Compass
Links and resources from Temple University.'s J-Links Page

SunOasis: Media Resources Page

Business Journalists' Links
Some super links from journalist Jon Oatis.

Resources for Journalists

The Internet Scout Report
A weekly update of resourceful sites from the University of Wisconsin Department of Computer Sciences.

Scripting News
A Web log of news resources.

Jim?s Word/Writer?s Links
A great collection of writing resources for journalists and others. Directory
A non-profit site by journalists for journalists.

Bookmarks for Electronic Journalists

Jeff Newell's Web Research for Journalists

Reporter on the Web
A great set of links. Organization is similar to the Toolbox.

News TV Link Library
Tons of links to tools catered to TV news editors, reporters and anchors.

the lowercase world of sreenath sreenivasan
associate professor of professional practice administrator, online journalism awards co-founder, south asian journalists association.

Roger Mellen's Journalists' Web Tools
A nice collection of links from a George Mason University professor.

The Journalist's Toolkit
About 40 helpful journalism links, including tools, interview tips and Web guides.

Information and links for all reporting needs.

Web Sites for Journalists
Hundreds of good links.

AP Style Exercises Online
Developed by Ron Hartung, coaching at the Tallahassee Democrat.

Poynter's Reporting Tools
A small links page for writers and reporters.

Poynter's Editing Tools
A small links page for copy editors.

Poynter's Research Page
A great research page to bookmark.

No-Frills Jump List
San Francisco State's excellent Web tools site.

University of Iowa Journalism Links
A well-organized tools page.

A page for working journalists who use palm pilots.'s Links Page

Online Journalism Review Terrorist Attacks: Reporter's Resource
Links to dozens of helpful sites.

Attack on America Links
A great resources site from Michael Sauers.

Internet Newsroom

Web Sites for Journalists

LeFile's News Resources
About 30 links to news and business resources.'s Online Reporting Tools & Journalism Tips
A great collection of tips on developing online content and how to use the Web in daily reporting. Developed by Jonathan Dube of MSNBC.

Wooster's Web Links
Links to tools and college journalism programs.

Jeff South's Toolbox
A super research site from a computer-assisted reporting professor at Virginia Commonwealth.

Smarting Surfing Links
A Columbia University professor offers tips on searching the Web. "Beat page"

The Virtual Acquisition Shelf and News Desk
A great collection of research and reporting resources from George Washington University's Gary Price.

Online Journalism Articles and Resources
A great set of links from
This site offers categories including news and information outlets, government agencies, and great reference resources. Registration required

Internet Journalism Resources
From Minnesota State University.

The One-Minute Web Guide
More than 400 carefully selected links for journalists.

PowerReporting's Top 100 Journalism Links
A great collection, listed in alphabetical order.
Aims to be the benchmark for online content in Australia. Includes an archive of content-related tips from a weekly e-mail newsletter; a database of Web site reviews from a weekly columnist and weekly radio show; a free content jobs database for web work and workers; FAQs for content employers and employees; and contributed columns and reviews.
A journalism weblog.

Columbia Journalism Review: Reporting Resources
Links to dozens of online tools.

Web Resources for Journalists

News & Observer?s NeRD on the Road
The (Raleigh, N.C.) News and Observer's intranet site for reporters.

Search, beat tools, etc.

Journalists @ Your Service
A help center for foreign correspondents in Belgium. The service, which was inspired by The Journalist's Toolbox, is run through the International Federation of Journalists and other journalist organizations in Brussels. The emphasis is on European politics.

Florida A&M Journalism Resources Page
Links to dozens of helpful industry sites.

Media Channel's Journalism Toolkit

USA Today's Hot Links
Features several useful sites each day.

Moorehead State's Internet Journalism Resources

A Journalist's Toolbox
Links to research sites from Cal State Northridge.

Moorhead State's Journalism Resources Page
A super site with hundreds of links.

The Online Writery
From the University of Missouri.

Story Power
Great site for coming up with story ideas.

Media and Academic Resource List
A links site to thousands of news resource sites.

Communications Central
A great links resource for communications, health.
Reference materials for writers to address the questions journalists do.

Finley's Newsstand
Dozens of links. Chicago and AP stories.

Electronic Journalists' Sites
Dozens of links to databases.
Part of Business Wire and MediaLink.

The Virtual Acquisition Shelf & News Desk
"New and Useful Web Sites, Industry News, Full-Text Docs of Interest to the Info Professional."
Mike Wendland of the Detroit Free Press runs this Blog site about news Web sites and tools.

European Journalism Center Reference Links

Links to Other Journalists on the Web

Newsies Resource Links

Yahoo!'s Picks of the Week

Freelancer Resource Links

Paul Mallasch Journalism Blog
A journalism blog/community. The site contains news about journalism, the ability to rant and rave about your job as a journalist, material about the Internet and how it's affecting journalism, pointers to innovative and useful online tools for journalists, etc.

Tools for Business Journalists
From Prof. Joshua Mills of Baruch College.

Jeremy Caplan's Web Tips
From an editor at the now defunct Yahoo! Internet Life.

Cyberjournalist: Newsroom Convergence Headlines
Stories on what's happening with digital/print/broadcast news.

The Journolist
Internet resources for journalists.

Weblogs and the News
Explores some of the emerging forms of journalism online, including weblogs, collaborative news and community journalism.

Jenny?s Cybrary
Links to many other helpful toolboxes.

Neat New Stuff on the Web

Ready Reference Site

The Nosy Reporter's Corner
An incredible collection of journalism resources.

DebateUSA: News Resources
A great collection of links to news outlets, research and government sites.

Bill Lucey's Weblogs
News summaries and links available on a variety of great topics.

Journalism UK News Sources Page

Pressnet: Journalists, Journalism and Mass Media in Internet
Journalists, journalism, mass media, students, studious, teachers and professors of the journalism and the social communication.World directory. Specialized directory.

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