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Last Update: Monday, November 28, 2012.

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Recent Additions to This Section
(This section features sites added to the page in the last few weeks.
Each link is cross-referenced on the page in its proper category.)

HTML Code Tutorial
Helps programmers with coding solutions. The site added a Help Forum, which you can click on from the home page and get personalized help.

Japan?s Emoticons
Cool designs in e-mail.
Bipartisan tech network allows you to look up tech-related bills being considered in Congress.
The best and up-to-date tech news. Register for listserv daily digest of news.
A great collection of magazine and daily news articles on the tech industry.
Tech writer's source for breaking Internet news.

The online version of Wired magazine for techies. Great search engine and e-mail updates.
Tech news headlines and other helpful tools.

The Wayback Machine
An archive of more than 10 billion Web pages dating back five years. It allows you to surf the page as it actually appeared at that time. Very cool!

Privacy Foundation
Internet privacy issues such as e-mail wiretapping, etc. Covers both federal government and workplace, consumer issues.

Center for Democracy and Technology
Global tech news broken down by country. A very cool site.

Media Survey
Tracks Web site performance. A good newsletter that offers "expert tech media analysis."

Jupiter Media Metrix
The site analyzes and measures Internet's impact on e-commerce and marketing. Tech News

USA Today Tech News

This newsletter site is dedicated to fighting online hype and disinformation.

kuro5hin Tech Site

PC Magazine's Top 100 Sites
Report businesses and people who submit SPAM e-mails.

San Jose Mercury News Business section Tech News

Cyberjournalist: Newsroom Convergence Headlines
Stories on what's happening with digital/print/broadcast news.
A 100-plus-page report on Europe's multimedia news industry. The study, funded by the European Commission, reports on the efforts of 16 newspaper companies and 10 broadcast companies in four countries: Sweden, UK, France, and Spain.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
"Energy Agency says Web Info. Poses Threat".

Access web sites and publications of defunct U.S. government agencies and commissions.

Red Herring
Hard-core business and tech news.
An online magazine about women in technology.

Alley Cat News
Business news on Silicon Valley.'s Tech News
Updates every 15 minutes.

Free and extensive resources on the IT and telecom industry analyst firms, findings and events.
Web site from the ZDTV program. Good trend stories and tools.
Global technology site with newsletter, listserv, trends and more.

HTML Code Tutorial
Helps programmers with coding solutions. The site added a Help Forum, which you can click on from the home page and get personalized help.
A good industry site with a Northern California perspective.
A huge investors site.

Science and Technology News Network
Award-winning site with high-end news headlines.
Global Internet conferences, news and notes.
Global Internet conferences, news and notes.

VirtualCity Magazine
A good IT magazine.
This site is full of tips and topics for reporters and editors. The site offers new media writing tips, offers newsgathering links and has a new media jobs page

Atlantic Monthly's Digital Culture

San Jose Mercury News: Good Morning Silicon Valley

Internet Resources Newsletter New Media Timeline
Background from the 1960s to the 1990s. Computer-Assisted Reporting Lists
Tips on how to use CAR tools, including listservs, e-mail databases, etc. Online Journalism Ethics -- A New Frontier

TechGuru's Computers 101
WABC-TV in New York City offers tips on tech basics.

An online dictionary of computing terms.

Web Writer Weekly
Tech news and headlines.
High-tech online magazine.

Definitions of tech terms, links to articles and other resources.'s Computers Section

Spy on
These "spies" notify you when a Web page changes or information on the page changes.

Advice on any computing topic.
High-tech online magazine for journalists.
High-tech online magazine.
High-tech online magazine.
Stops pop-up menus from crowding your screen. Has only a PC version, but you can use a free version.
Stops pop-up menus from crowding your screen. It's available free for personal use. Works on Mac, PC and Linux.
Stops pop-up menus from crowding your screen. Costs $19.95 but has a free version as well, with fewer services. Pop-Up Killer
Free software that stops pop-up menus from crowding your screen. Stop Pop-Up Windows
More free software that stops pop-up menus from crowding your screen.
From the National Cyber Security Alliance, a group of business and government organizations, this site offers tips, educational materials and security tools to battle viruses, worms, etc.
It's mission is to "investigate, inform and improve the credibility of information published on the World Wide Web."

Internet History Timeline
Site's done by PBS. Careful. It's known to crash browsers.

Online News Association
Good online newsletter with dot-com studies, more.'s Industry News
Targeted to tech and small business.

Harvard's Research Matters Site
A portal to news articles that span the range of research fields, from the humanities to social science to science to technology to medicine.

Electronic Frontier Foundation
An online free speech group.

Digital Music Protection Technologies Paper
This controversial paper by Princeton Computer Science Professor Edward Felten explores how he and a team of hackers broke the code for technology designed to prevent people from stealing digital music. Best of the Web
Tracks trends in many e-industries and includes lists of links.

CyberJournalist's Top 10 Online Stories of the Year
Links to great packages, etc.
Wiki is an "open source collaborative server technology that enables users to access, browse, and edit hypertext pages in areal-time context." To see how it works check out Wikipedia: the free encyclopedia on the site. The software allows users to add an article or edit anyone else's article.

Subscription Web Site Publishers Association
A resource for journalists covering the ever-growing trend toward paid online newsletters and subscription Web sites. Portions are open to the public.
Tips for safe and productive Web use for kids.

Covers the basics of etiquette on the Web.

Providence Journal: NetRunner Column
Tech weblog by the Journal's Dave McPherson.

Providence Journal: Subterranean Homepage News
A good tech weblog from Sheila Lennon.

Deloitte & Touche:
Fastest-growing tech companies in North America.

Deloitte & Touche:
Fastest-growing tech companies in 20 regions in the United States and Canada.

Media Unspun
A digest based on the now-defunct Industry Standard's Media Grok column.

USA Today's Hot Links
Features several useful sites each day.

CNET's Technology Enterprise Business Section

Harvard Journal of Law and Technology

Wired Magazine's Cybrarian

A Web site about online and writing trends.

Center for Digital Government
Affiliated with Government Technology magazine, this organization has people who will talk to you, although they tend to be on the technology-is-the-solution side of things.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly or Why It's A Good Idea to Evaluate Web Resources
From Susan E. Beck of the New Mexico State University Library.

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators at
Tips for evaluating web sites.

Evaluating Web Resources
From Jan Alexander and Marsha Ann Tate of Widener University.

Bibliography on Evaluating Web Information
From Nicole J. Auer of the University Libraries at Virginia Tech.

Daypop: Wordburst
This site tracks the heightened usage of certain words in weblogs within the last couple days. They are indicators of what webloggers are writing about right now.

Media Survey
Tracks Web site performance. A good newsletter that offers "expert tech media analysis."
The Web Technology News Channel.

Stop Carnivore Site
An ACLU tool that outlines legislation to stop FBI's use of privacy-invading software.

E-Mail Bombs and Journalists
What to look out for.

Net User Demographics
University of Maryland and Princeton study on social and political habits of Web surfers. Interesting.

Tech Law Journal
Tracks how brands, people are under attack on the Web.

Internet Law Library
A free collection of articles, statutes, cases and resources on Internet issues such as copyright law, trademark law, domain name law, cookies, data retrieval, etc.

PBS Frontline: Health, Science and Technology
A collection of companion Web sites to the documentary show.
News for Web users who write back.

Wall Street Journal Tech Column Writing Online
A group of journalists and academics discuss approaches.
This site follows tech and online journalism trends in India.
Business news and commentary without company spin.
This site tracks the daily move of sites from free to fee.

Potomac Tech Wire
An e-mail newsletter about technology stories in the DC area. Has about 30,000 subscribers.

New England Tech Wire
An e-mail newsletter about NewEngland tech stories. Has about 10,000 subscribers.
This journalist?s site has a section devoted to Web journalism.

The Search and Seizure of Electronic Information: The Law Before and After the USA Patriot Act (.PDF)
A group for organizations promoting online privacy and free speech.

Online Privacy Alliance

The Internet in Public Schools
The National Center for Education Statistics has survey results measuring Internet access in U.S. public schools from 1994 to 2000.

E-Company's Web Site Design Page
Tip sheets, new stories, organizations and other resource links.

Internet/Web Country Domain Codes
A list of all the two-letter codes at the end of all Internet addresses.
A technology and media site.

Radio and Internet Newsletter
A great site developed by Kurt Hanson.

Japan?s Emoticons
Cool designs in e-mail.
Yes, the Feds have a set of Web design guidelines.

The daily e-mail newsletter from Technologic Partners is a way to get the skinny on dot-com companies and the high-tech sector.
This site comments on best practices of corporate (and government) Web sites using in-the-news events to prompt site reviews and commentary. The site includes a Homeland Security page.
A venture capital investment bank that features helpful news releases, a resources page and more.'s Daily Stock Market Report
A daily e-mail "Internet Stock Report" presents news-driven analysis of what's happening with those dotcom evaluations.'s Tech Stocks
Web consultant Amy Gahran, who offers super tips on writing, editing and designing for the Web.

Internet Readership Studies
Links to several pay sites and services with data on how people surf the Web.

Subject Index to Literature on Electronic Sources of Information
This site will be a boon to anyone studying issues related to information technology or electronic publishing. The site has been publishing the index since 1997, and this latest version contains more than 1,400 citations as well as an introduction that explains how to use the site. The bibliography and index reference both online and print sources, including books, articles, monographs, and chapters. Librarians in particular will want to bookmark this site.

Electronic Sources of Information: A Bibliography
This site will be a boon to anyone studying issues related to information technology or electronic publishing. The site has been publishing the index since 1997, and this latest version contains more than 1,400 citations as well as an introduction that explains how to use the site. The bibliography and index reference both online and print sources, including books, articles, monographs, and chapters. Librarians in particular will want to bookmark this site.

Online Journalism Review: The Future of News
Online news opinion leaders discuss the future of online journalism in this comprehensive study through USC.

Online Journalism Review: News Future Resources
Links to dozens of studies.

Journalism Publications and Think Tanks
Dozens of helpful resources from the Online Journalism Review. Tech News
Technology news site.
A super resource for business and technology information.
An interactive technology issues and debate program.
The 5 W's of e-business.

Busting Online Hoaxes
Hoaxbusters site offers warnings about things like bogus e-mails about software that can steal the computer right off your desk.

A cool tool that protects your site against cookies and other privacy invasion tools.

Small Business Websites That Work
This is the companion site to my book of the same name and includes lots of helpful background material for writers researching how company Web sites can be made effective. There are a couple of full chapters available for download (including an internet backgrounder called "Getting to Know the Internet") and lots of links for businessmen and researchers.

Provides access to an easily searchable database of more than 20,000 technology sites nationwide.

Intellectual Property and Technology Forum
Boston College Law School site offers current news and in-depth articles on intellectual property and technology law.

UCLA Cyberspace Law and Policy
Boston College Law School site offers current news and in-depth articles on intellectual property and technology law.

A daily column from ZDNet on a host of Internet topics: the technology, writing for the Web, and more.

Society for Technical Communication
Members include writers, editors, illustrators, printers, publishers, educators, students, engineers and scientists. Both national and chapter sites include permanent and contract job listings.

Lists of Computer Viruses
Entertainment, business, news and more.

The Digital Publisher
A new column on online publishing.

Digital Economy 2000
Find out why the federal government thinks information technology products and services are harbingers of a new era of higher, sustained growth. Keep in mind this was developed before all the layoffs.

International Dialogue
A new site from the Unit for Internet Studies hopes to improve international internet dialogue.

State Digital Study
See where your state scores on everything from education to business online in this 1998 study by the non-profit Progress & Freedom Foundation.

HTML Writers Guild
Links, online courses and more.'s Spam Tips

CAUCE, The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail

SPAM-L FAQ: How to Track Spammers and Complain to Their ISP

African Scam Spam Collection

Offers links to translation-related Web sites.

Cam Search Engine
Camcity lets you search thousands of Web-cam links. Truth in Advertising
Some Internet banner ads we'd like to see, including "Apple: Products so cool, we don't need customers. Computer Virus Resources

New Media Dons
A gathering held last October of journalism professors and what they think of new media.

Five Elements of Digital Storytelling
From the University of Minnesota's Institute for New Media Studies offers a site that provides a common vocabulary and structure for understanding new media content.

American Press Institute's NewsFuture E-newsletter
Stats and trend predictions for businesses and consumer markets.

Look up the latest in high-tech jargon; definitions in layman's terms.

Domain Avenue's Glossary of Technical Terms

Glossary of Academic Information Technology Terms

Glossary of Technical Terms
Several tips sheets and software news.

MacroMedia Showcase
This page highlights four or five cool Web sites a day. Many are Flash presentations.
This is a contest site for Flash presentations. Log-in and evaluate different Flash sites, or enter your own. A very highly regarded site for Flash designers.

Columbia University: "Deconstructing the Empire State Building"
The New Media Workshop of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism built a multimedia site exploring New York's (now) tallest structure. The site features: profiles of some of the more colorful tenants; a look at how secure the building is; a Feng Shui tour; an interactive timeline; views from the top, and much more.

"Dedicated to online press relations for corporate communicators and trade press editors in the packaging industry. It's a business-to-press site in which trade press editors, PR agencies and companies of the packaging industry can exchange information."

One Page Software
View multiple sites at once by using this software

Ad Elimination Software
Allows you to eliminate pop-up banner ads on your browser.

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