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Last Update: Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2003.

Note: This page was audited 12-21-01 and broken links were repaired or removed. Check out the new Space/Astronomy section.

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Recent Additions to This Section
(This section features sites added to the page in the last few weeks.
Each link is cross-referenced on the page in its proper category.)

How Stuff Works: Human Cloning

FirstGov for Science
Science and technology search service featuring resources through the federal government. A combined search through tech reports, journal articles, conference proceedings, etc. from 10 federal agencies and 14 scientific organizations.


Space Shuttle: Thermal Stress
A 1987 .PDF report about thermal stress on the orbiter upon re-entry.

Shuttle Independent Assessment Team(SIAT)Report, 2000 (.PDF file)

CNN:Shuttle Independent Assessment Team

CNN: NASA Summary of Shuttle Independent Assessment Team(SIAT)Report

NASA: Close Calls Reports Page

IRE: Federal Contractors/Space Shuttle Database

NASA: STS 107 Press Kit
157 pages of .pdf.

NASA's Space Shuttle Columbia: Quick Facts and Issues for Congress
Six pages in .PDF format.

CRS Issue Brief: Space Launch Vehicles: Government Activities, Commercial Competition, and Satellite Exports
Twenty pages in .PDF format.

CRS Issue Brief: Space Stations
Twenty pages in .PDF format. Photos and Background of Columbia Crew
Interviews with each crew member while they were in space on this mission.

SAJA: Bio of Astronaut Kalpana C. Chawla
A detailed biography and links to stories about her.

Kennedy Space Center, Media Handbook
A .pdf format.

NASA: STS-107 Overview, Bios

NASA: STS-107 Media Archive (Photos)

NASA: Shuttle Photo Archive

NASA: STS-107 Mission Page (From Eurpean Space Agency

NASA: STS-107 Research Mission

Columbia Missions (with STS-107)

Google: Columbia Shuttle Links

NASA Shuttle Press Kit on STS 107
In .PDF format.

A Primer for Journalists Covering Space
An excellent master?s thesis full of tips and ideas.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Goddard Space Flight Center (Maryland)

Marshall Space Flight Center (Huntsville, Ala.)

Howstuffworks: How Space Shuttles Work

Google Search on Shuttle Re-Entry

Houston Chronicle: .PDFs Shuttle Coverage
Every page of the Chronicle's Shuttle disaster coverage, from Saturday's Extra edition through today (Wednesday).

Space Shuttle - Clickable Map

Presidential Commission Report on Space Shuttle Challenger Accident
Rogers Commission Report - not all parts are online at this location.

NASA Space Shuttle Challenger: Observations on the Reliability of the Shuttle
A part of the Rogers Commission Report.

Dallas Morning News
Local coverage of the explosion.

Houston Chronicle Space Page
In-depth coverage of the explosion.

WFAA-TV Dallas: Video of the Columbia Debris Page

IRE Space Shuttle Disaster Resources
There are at least 13 stories in our Resource Center about the Space Shuttle that might be of assistance.

Texas Police Agencies (Locate Debris

Orlando Sentinel Coverage of Columbia

Florida Today Weblog of Columbia

MSNBC: Space Shuttle Timeline 1981-2002

UK Guardian: Space Shuttle Orbiter Sites Covering the Columbia
A gallery of cover snapshots from a sampling of sites and analysis of the effectiveness of their approach.

BBC: Coverage of Challenger Explosion in 1986

NASA Space Shuttle Challenger: Federation of American Scientists
A part of the Rogers Commission Report.

NASA: Space Shuttle Annotated Bibliography
Chapter 7.

Ethical Issues on the Challenger Disaster

Google: Challenger Accident Links

Yahoo!: Challenger Accident Links

National Weather Service: Shreveport Radar Loop
Shows debris trail from shuttle.

National Center for Atmospheric Research: Radar Loops
Shows debris trail from shuttle. Columbia's Previous Flights
It has a pretty accurate listing of Columbia's previous flights.

CBS News: Stats on Space Fatalities
Features many key stats.

SpaceFlightNow: Radar Images
Radar image of debris field and links to data on mission.


NASA Earth image database
Thousands of pictures of earth and other research materials.

Sky High Pix
NASA's Remote Sensing Tutorial offers a big collection of overhead shots across the country.


Beliefnet: Space Shuttle Tragedy
Great research and interactive tools.

NASA: Space Shuttle and International Space Station
Up-to-date coverage of the explosion.

Space Station Page


News releases from medical and science research.

Stanford University's Highwire Press
Links to databases of 150,000 articles from medical and scientific journals. Many full text articles are free.

Physical Sciences Information Gateway
Launched on Sept. 17, 2001, PSIgate is the physical sciences hub for the UK's Resource Discovery Network (RDN). From this page, users can search the PSIgate database, search an expanded catalog (PSIgate+) generated by harvesting pages from the PSIgate database, or search across RDN databases. Returns include resources focused on astronomy, chemistry, earth sciences, physics, history of science, and more.

The Why Files
From the National Science Foundation, this site looks at the science, math and technology questions behind the news.

Harvard's Research Matters Site
It is a portal to news articles about research. Right now there are about 214 articles in it and it will grow weekly. It's contents span the range of research fields, from the humanities to social science to science to technology to medicine.

National Science Foundation News Page
Links to a digest, publications, legislative affairs and more.

Science News
One of the first and most reliable science news sites on the Web.

Artigen Science News
A great search engine with regular news updates.

USA Today's Science Digest
A great rundown of recent studies and breaking news stories.'s Science Tools page
Links to dozens of helpful research sites.'s Science Tech Page

Google's Science News Directory

Provides links to the best science news in a variety of topic areas. It is an ideal site for a journalist seeking story ideas.

Science Events Online
Use this site to track what science conferences are being planned. It lists place, dates, contact info., event description and Web address. Great for planning coverage and sourcing.

Cyanova Science News
An easy-to-use table of science news stories.

Stem Cell Research Archive
A great collection of stories from the Washington Post.

CRS report on Stem Cell Research
Select "CRS Long Reports", then scroll to "Stem Cell Research" (RL31015).

A site run by the Museum of Science, Art and Perception offers webcasts, a science news wire, a digital library and cool studies and presentations.

SelectSurf Science-Technology Links
Links to several great science sites.

Fagan Finder: Science Resources

Inside Science News Service
This site from the American Institute of Physics publicizes science stories that may have been missed by the general press. All of the material in the "Stories" section is original reporting that is available for journalists to use as source material. The "links" section has stories from elsewhere that may be of interest to journalists.
Similar to Businesswire and PRNewswire, this site focuses on news and press releases from medical and science sources.

Center for Science in the Public Interest
Newsletters, studies and more.

Office of Scientific and Technical Info. PrePrint Search Engine
A mega-search engine that will be available to science writers. Sign up for it here.

Fusion Power
A British research site on a new type of energy that could make oil obsolete.


MediaResource Service
A science experts database tailored to journalists.

Community of Science
Search a free database of science experts.

Media Resource Service
Search a database of reputable sources on science info. from the Scientific Research Society.

The Office of Naval Research
This office manages the science and technology programs for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.

Centers for Disease Control Bioterrorism Page

A watchdog site that debates and covers health and science issues way beyond what most media do.

MDTV Medical News Now Inc.
A New Jersey-based organization that presents a television medical news program that airs on cable in about 20 states.

Access Research Network
A great science and design portal.

Center for Science in the Public Interest
A consumer-watchdog group in Washington.

Genomic Glossaries and Taxonomies
Biotechnology & pharmaceutical terms (& definitions) not found in most dictionaries. About 3,500 + definitions for applications, biochemistry, bioinformatics, cheminformatics, drug discovery and development, genomics, molecular biology, proteomics (and beyond), tools and technologies.

National Science Foundation

National Academy of Sciences

The Federation of American Scientists


Journalism UK Science and Environment Page
Dozens of links to issues in Great Britian.

Find cool global news pieces.

This Web site is a gateway to high-quality Internet resources on science communication and public engagement with science.

European Science Links
It's somewhat limited compared to the Journalists Toolbox, but you can give it a try.

Europe's Science Media Center
Links to hundreds of research studies and stories.

American Math Society: What's New in Mathematics
Includes a 'Feature Column' monthly essays on mathematical topics), 'Math in the Media' (highlights of math news from science literature and the current media), 'Math Digest' (summaries of articles on mathematics), and the 'AMS Public Awareness Office'(press releases, contacts for journalists, and more).


Martindale's The Reference Desk
An extensive set of health science links.

Ethics In Technology
A journal that touches on a wide range of issues, from media to hacker to medical ethics.
Resources that monitor a company?s claim on a label. Also helps customers decipher what?s on a label. Very handy in covering consumer issues.

Online Science Museum
Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, England, has virtual exhibits on everything from aircraft and locomotives to photography and scientific instruments. You'll need a Shockwave plug-in to run it.

A British biosciences site.
An anatomy education site.

Molecular Weight Calculator
Just input the formula, and it returns the molecular weight to 13 decimal places.

BBC: Science of Superheroes
The BBC examines the "science" behind comic-book superheroes. How can they do what they do.

Towards Electronic Journals: Realities for Scientists, Librarians and Publishers
This academic research focuses mostly on scientists' perspective as authors and readers, how changes over the years by publishers and librarians have affected scientists, and what they should expect from electronic journal and digital journal article databases. We describe some myths concerning scholarly journals and attempt to assess the future in a realistic manner.
Helps design science sites. A few good resources.

PBS: The Gene Hunters
Companion site to the documentary on the mysteries of human disease.

All Species: Whole Earth Catalog
An attempt to name every plant, animal in microbe on earth.

Visual Physics
Interactive simulations and quizzes help you mine basic physics answers.

Stephen Hawking's Universe
Topics ranging from cosmology to real unsolved mysteries, including an "Ask the Experts" section.
Features, research and tools from the magazine site.


BSG Online


Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics

SciTech Daily Review

MSNBC: Science

Internet Connections for Engineers
An extensive listing of engineering and science resources.

American Engineering Campaign
Facts on engineering (an engineer created the snowboard, you know) and the 20 greatest achievements in engineering (Hint: The snowboard wasn't one of them.)

American Society of Civil Engineers
Statistics on dams, roads, bridges, etc.

BBC SciTech

Harvard's Research Matters Site
A portal to news articles that span the range of research fields, from the humanities to social science to science to technology to medicine.

Popular Science
Tech news with some focus on science and medicine.

Scientific American
Magazine focusing on domestic science issues.

Science Week
A weekly that posts daily news briefs with science content.
This site provides scientists, researchers, engineers, and others with easy access to government resources related to science and technology.

Advanced Cell Technology
A cloning business that is simply "giving Mother Nature a hand in producing duplicates of animals.

How Stuff Works: Human Cloning

Grossology: The (Impolite Science of the Human Body)

Berkeley Science Labs Page
Internet guides, broad subject areas and more.
Links to dozens of great physics education and reference sites.

Online Periodic Table
An award-winning site that lists and explains all the periodic tables. Science News
Latest news on scientific research.

Internet Law Library
A free collection of articles, statutes, cases and resources on Internet issues such as copyright law, trademark law, domain name law, cookies, data retrieval, etc.

Becoming Human
A great site on paleoanthropology, human evolution and origins. Flash 5 is required and a high-speed connection recommended for the video.
A forensic scientist, Campbell will soon have a book out, "Legal Ease: A Guide to Criminal Law, Evidence and Procedure" and is offers contact information as a source at her Web site.

Science Republic

Women in Technology International
Active group in promoting women in the science and tech industries.

Center for Science in the Public Interest: Smart Mouth
A site about food science for kids.
Tobacco processing tech company.



NASA Earth image database
Thousands of pictures of earth and other research materials.

American Association for the Advancement of Science

NASA Calculators
This site has it all: salary calculator, cost of living index. CPI, inflation index.

Sky High Pix
NASA's Remote Sensing Tutorial offers a big collection of overhead shots across the country.

Great research and interactive tools.

NASA: Space Shuttle and International Space Station

Space Station Page

Windows on the Universe: Astronomy

Harvard's Interactive Observatory

NASA's Earth Observatory

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab

Sciencemaster: Space and Astronomy's Space Page

Hubble Telescope Press Releases and Images

Heavens Above
A very cool site. Register and identify your location, and the site tells you when to look in the sky for satellites, space station or shuttle.

Sky and Telescope Astronomy Links

Franklin Institute Inquirer's Guide to the Universe

Check Your Weight on Other Planets
Links to several industry sites.

Space Station Tracker

The Center for Science in the Public Interest
Articles, studies, news releases, safety tips.

Florida Today Space Section

Marshall Center Newsroom
The official Newsroom for Marshall Space Flight Center.

Space Launch Initiative News
NASA's official site for the latest updates on the Space Launch Initiative program.

Space Station Science Operations News
The latest news about Space Station Science Operations, managed by the Marshall Center.

NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory News
NASA's official site for news and photos on the latest discoveries by the Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Sky & Telescope
This site offers a simulated view of the nighttime sky from anyplace on earth.
A top-notch astronomy site.

Space Calendar

A great Flash presentation of space exploration.
Educational space site.

Powers of 10
Interactive site explains the universe and interrelationships.

Mars Odyssey Image

Space Media Inc.'s Movies in Orbit

Astronautix Soviet Space History
Dozens of links to background, chronology and more.
A commercial site that offers shots of landmarks and other interesting locations taken by a network of private satellites orbiting 480 miles above the earth. Includes an archive of cool pictures.

Yahoo's Soviet Space Program Links

To The Moon
Apollo astronauts on the moon's surface provide 360-degree panoramas at this companion site to the PBS special that chronicles the untold science and engineering story of how they got there. (QuickTime plug-in required.)

U.S. Naval Observatory
Sun and moon data by year (from 1700 to 2100).

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