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Updated: Monday, Jan. 27, 2003

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Recent Additions to This Section
(This section features sites added to the page in the last few weeks.
Each link is cross-referenced on the page in its proper category.)

ERIC Digest: A Review of Trends in Journalism Education

The Youth Free Expression Network (Y-FEN)
An anti-censorship coalition to challenge Internet filters, v-chips, abstinence-only education, etc.



Student Press Law Center

Censorship Issues: Omaha Central High School

Poynter Institute's High School Journalism Guide
A great site full of tips and resources.

The Youth Free Expression Network (Y-FEN)
An anti-censorship coalition to challenge Internet filters, v-chips, abstinence-only education, etc.

The Journalism Education Association Curriculum Page
Includes the News Writer's Handbook for student publications as well as teaching the basics in the classroom. The site also includes tips on how student journalists should cover tragedies.

ASNE'S High School Journalism Page
Articles and advice for editors, advisers and student reporters.

High School

High School Student Credit Cards

The J-Spot
An online magazine for high school journalists from USC's Annenberg School for Communication. It covers touchy subjects such as murder and sex. A must read for high school journalists.

NSPA's Student Media Sourcebook
Links to more than 200 resources for student journalists.

Journalism Education Association

ERIC Digest: A Review of Trends in Journalism Education

National Scholastic Press Association

Columbia Scholastic Press Association

Research and Style Guides for Students
Nearly 100 links to helpful research sites.

Dayton Daily News Newspaper Journalism 101

NY Times Campus Weblines: Interviewing Techniques
Covers the basics very well. Good for college, high school journalists.

NY Times Campus Weblines: Beat Reporting
Covers the basics very well. Good for college, high school journalists.

Quill & Scroll
A beginners guide to journalism and reporting.

Journalism Basics
Packed with information about journalism, including the history, principles and the anatomy of a newspaper. So You Want to be a Journalist ...
Covers a lot of basics.

The Write Site
A virtual tour of a newsroom, along with interactive program which offers students a chance to be a reporter.

Teacher's Guide to MediaChannel
Several resources for high school journalism teachers. See two examples below of those resources. The Teacher's Toolkit
Teaching units, lesson plans, activities, handouts and other tools from teachers and experts around the world.

MediaChannel: Media Literacy Topic Guides
Why understanding and using the media is as important as reading and writing.

EASI: Easy Access for Students and Institutions
U.S. Department of Education site on paying for college tuition. Some interesting background reading.

Poynter's Student Journalism Page

FYI: CNN's High School Page

The Student Journalism Center
A small site, but it has a few good links.

NSPA Student Media Sourcebook
Dozens of resources for high school journalists, from reporting and design to law and ethics.

JobsPage: High School Journalism
From the Detroit Free Press.

ASNE's Newspapers Help High School Students Resource Page Journalism History Links
Great resource for researching term papers. Journalism Education Sites
A great list of resources for teachers. News Management Tips
Dozens of tips on scholastic journalism, from advertising to running a newsroom. Covering a Beat

National Public School Locator Search
Searchable database on schools, number of students, student-teacher ratio,
student body ethnic makeup; search by school name, location, zip, grade.

Plugged In: Using the Internet for High School and Professional Journalism
Downloading this online publication from the Radio and Television News Directors Foundation will prove valuable to students and educators, station interns and journalists new to the profession.

NY Times Weekly News Quiz
Do you read the newspaper? You better!

Interactive Spelling Test
Test yourself with an interactive quiz of common spelling mistakes. See how well you do!

Casey Journalism Center for Children and Families
A center for journalists who cover issues that affect children and families in America.

Media Literacy Teachers' Toolkit
Resources from

Journalism & Mass Communication Annual Surveys
From the James M. Cox, Jr. Center for International Mass Communication Training and Research at the University of Georgia.

Interactive Usage Test
Test yourself with an interactive quiz of common language usage mistakes. See how well you do!

Spelling Links

Journalism/Reporting/Student Listservs

The Radio and Television News Directors Foundation High School Survey
RTNDF is launching a High School Journalism Project. Fill out this survey to give the organization ideas on how to do it. RTNDF's goals are to "help identify, inspire, train and challenge the next generation of electronic journalists and First Amendment advocates, even before they get to college."'s 9-11 Resources
Video TV news coverage of the events of Sept. 11 from broadcasters around the world. A great way to look at different ways the broadcast media told this story.

Photographer's Toolkit
A beginner's site with dozens of great links from Black & White World.

NY Times Weekly News Quiz
You read the paper? You better.

SJI Online links
The bottom of this page has online tools for high school journalists.

Student Media Listserv
Also see the Journalism Listservs Page

Would You Want Your Kid to Be a Journalist?
An interesting article from CJR.
A state-by-state breakdown of cybercheating, based on papers tested through's program.

The Straight Scoop
A news resource on drug policy for high school and middle school students.

Dayton Daily News Newspaper Journalism 101

Dayton Daily News Photojournalism 101
As the name implies, this is a good teaching site. It covers the fundamentals.

Photojournalism e-book: Breaking into Photojournalism
Kenneth Wajda, an author and an award-winning photojournalist, wrote an e-book for students and other photographers interested in how to break into the business of photojournalism. He covers how to find and shoot spot news, the importance of professional ethics and respect, how to build a sports and people portfolio on the side, and how to approach news and photo editors with your photographs. A must-read for aspiring photojournalists.

Dow Jones Newspaper Fund: High School Journalism Student Workshops
A listing for student workshops organized by state.

Dow Jones Newspaper Fund: Journalism Educator Workshops
A list of high school journalism workshops and fellowships for educators arranged by state.

ASNE: List of Journalism Student Workshops
A list of journalism workshops and programs for high school students.

ASNE: List of Journalism Educator Workshops

Links to resources, organizations, workshops, programs and related Web sites for high school journalism teachers and students.

ASNE: 9-11 Attack Resources for High School Journalists

Teacher's Web Search Database

ASNE College Journalism Scholarships

Teen Suicide Fact Sheet Suicide Coverage Guidelines
Tips from Poynter's Al Tompkins.

Tracking Online Plagiarism
Tips on detection and prevention.

EVE Online Plagiarism Finder
This site offers a free copy of EVE softwar free for 15 days. Media Stories on Plagiarism
This site offers a free copy of EVE softwar free for 15 days.

School Finder

USA Colleges

Student America's Best Student Web Sites
Tons of resources, plus an online contest form. Basics of PR
Learn the fundamentals. Great for students. PR Basics
Another good fundamentals site for students.
This site says about 30 percent of all students plagiarize on every term paper turned in.

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