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Last Update: Monday, March 29, 2012

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Internet Movie Database
Great for fact-checking names and film titles.
RealNetworks site offers text and audio.

Screen Actors Guild
Union site with lots of news.

Producers Guild
Union site with lots of news.

Writers Guild
Another union site with lots of news.

American Film Institute
Research on film; organizes lists of "Top 100" greatest films.
News from Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
Database of ratings for every film since 1968.

PBS Frontline: The Monster That Ate Hollywood
The business of movies and special effects.

Hollywood Network
Dozens of links, resources and tools for industry types.

Cinema FreeNet
Search for a database of movies, actors, directors, and producers.

CineFiles: Pacific Film Archive
Reviews, press kits, festivals, newspaper articles, etc.

Movie Review Query Engine
More than 20,000 movie reviews by Web and newspaper writers.

International Film and Video Festivals
Lists international film, television and video festivals.
Get caught up on all the Hollywood gossip.

Ain't It Cool News
Another Hollywood gossip site.
Claims to have the "latest news, images, clips and reviews of all the current and upcoming blockbuster films." Movie Resources

Searchbeat's Movie Reviews
Movie scripts.
All sorts of information on movies, including scripts.

Hollywood Agents Listings
Writer's Guild site lists agents and writer/clients.

Unknown Movies List

All Movie Guide Plot Finder

Movie Cliches
A fan site, but it's fun.
All the Hollywood gossip.

Internet Archive: Movie Collection

Yahoo!'s Sundance Film Festival Links

Cannes Film Festival
Official site of the festival.

A travel site that focuses on the Cannes Film Festival.

Video and coverage from all the parties.

National Film Preservation Foundation

Turner Classic Movies: Movies Database
Great for quick-reference, this site allows you to search a database of thousands of movie titles.

Yahoo! Movies
Offers movie reviews. Classic Films


Sony Movies

Miramax Movies

Paramount Movies

Warner Bros. Movies

20th Century Fox Movies

Universal Pictures

Dreamworks Movies

Castle Rock Studio

MCA Universal Studios

MGM Studios

New Line Cinema

Trimark Pictures
Parents rate movies for their appropriateness for children. A fan site, but fun.

Big Movie
Site is devoted to large-format films.
The art, business and technology of film and video editing. Lots of helpful links.
Download movie soundtracks and information about them. Movies
Search this database for movie quotes. Good for fact-checking.

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics
Cars that explode on impact, visible laserbeams, and the staples of the silver screen that defy the laws of science. This is a fan?s site, so take it for what it?s worth. Plot Database
A cool tool for figuring out just what "Magnolia" was about.
A collection of movie critics' links.
It's a fan site, but Entertainment Weekly calls it the most thorough and consistently updated database of open and closed drive-ins. The site allows you to search by zip code and includes weather reports, photos, driving directions and links.

News from Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

74th Academy Awards Press Kit
The site includes 22 fact sheets on various topics: History of Oscar Statuette, Persons Receiving Two or More Acting Awards, History and Structure of the Academy, Films Winning Five or More Awards. (.PDF files).

74th Academy Awards Timeline

Eligible Releases for Distinguished Achievements, 2001
They're available in html and .pdf.

Academy Awards Official Rules
News, predictions, reviews and forums.
A fan site, so be careful what you use. Full of offbeat facts and trivia.

Internet Movie Database
Great for fact-checking names and film titles.

Movie Review Query Engine
A searchable database of reviews so you can look up what various critics said about the Oscar-nominated pictures.
A super site. Requires a log-in/subscription. Includes daily box office stats, box office top 10 and all-time top 100 box office.
Read what the trades are saying about the Oscar nominations.

Read what the trades are saying about the Oscar nominations.

Hollywood and Vine
News on all the entertainment industries.

Yahoo! Entertainment
Hollywood news and box office figures.
Hollywood Stock Exchange site covers industry news.
Hollywood news and box office figures.

Internet Archive: Movie Collection

Screen Source
A fan page with hundreds of TV and movie links, past Oscar winners.
Predictions site for Oscars, Grammys.

Chicago Sun-Times Oscar Survey


Nielsen Ratings
Weekly and seasonal TV ratings.

TV Guide Listings

Federal Communications Commission
Places federal regulations on TV entertainment. The site offers handbooks, resources, press releases, bureau/office listings, contact information and more.

Screen Actors Guild
Union site with lots of news.

Producers Guild
Union site with lots of news.

Writers Guild
Another union site with lots of news.

TV Critics Association

NATPE: National Association of Television Producers and Editors

American Federation of Television and Radio Artists

Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
NBC's entertainment division.

The U.S. Feed of the British Network

20th Century Fox TV


Warner Bros. TV



Sci-Fi Channel


USA Network

Association of Local TV Stations

National Cable TV Association

International Radio and TV Society

The Tonight Show Archives has a library of 5,000 past episodes.

Washington Post Television Page
Updates on the TV industry from the Post's crew of media writers.

Chicago Sun-Times TV Columnist Phil Rosenthal

The Ad Critic
A mecca for popular TV commercials.


Recording Industry Association of America
Dozens of helpful links and resources for anyone covering the industry.
Music news and track sales.
Site does a great job of updating daily music news.

SPIN Magazine
Movies, TV and music news.
Regularly updated music news.
See MTV description.'s Music Newswire
Stories from many music news resource.

NewsNow Pop Music News
Stories from many music news resource.

NewsNow Rock News
Site updates every five minutes.

Archive of Misheard Lyrics
You think you know what Michael Stipe is singing, but you don't. Lyrics are contributed by visitors, so take it for what it's worth.

The Beatles
Video, sound clips and more.

Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame

Association for Music Writers and Photographers
Links to dozens of helpful sites, directories of Web and print publications, membership directory and more.

ArtistDirect: Ultimate Band List
A good quick-reference site.

Library of Congress American Sheet Music Site

College Music Journal
A great database of AM-FM stations, locations, some TV stations as well. Find station information quickly.

Motown Records
Has performer bios and other corporation background information.
Artists' bios are good for checking facts.
Good for searching performer bios.

Christian Pirate Radio


Playbill Online
Broadway news and notes.

American Theater Web
Eleven U.S. regions of news and reviews from local papers.


Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture (IJPC)
A project of the Norman Lear Center, USC Annenberg School of Journalism. that launched in April 2002. Among the articles, books and research: "Fiction or Fact: Hollywood Looks at the News," a 26-page essay written by Annenberg Associate Dean Joe Saltzman and Loren Ghiglione, dean of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

Entertainment Weekly Searchable Database
A searchable archive of 10 years of E-Weekly stories. Stars Database
A handy tool for tracking what stars are appearing on which shows. Just type the name into the searchable database.

Yahoo! Picks Best Entertainment Sites
Links to many celebrity sites. Be careful with which ones you use; some are fan sites.

Who's Dead and Who's Alive Database
A celebrity you may have thought was dead isn't. See Abe Vigoda.

Celebrity Address Search Engine
An agency that puts you in touch with celebrity agents. Used mainly for advertising, it could have some value to reporters.

Multimedia and Entertainment Law Online News (MELON)'s Entertainment News
Updates every 15 minutes.

The National Endowment for the Arts
The organization's background and that of similar organizations nationwide.

Entertainment Humor Site

LA Times Calendar Section
Covers the big picture in Hollywood.'s Entertainment Page
Good coverage of the business side of entertainment.

Entertainment Weekly
Updated news on all the industries.
Hollywood news from E! network.
News from People magazine.

FOX News Entertainment

Seeing Stars
Billed as "The Ultimate guide to Celebrities and Hollywood". Offbeat factoids about entertainment stars and shows. Info. on getting on game shows, award show seats, etc.

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