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Last Update: Monday, Jan 21, 2013

Note: Many education links also may appear under the Federal Government and State and Local Government sections. Pages will launch into a new browser.

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Recent Additions to This Section
(This section features sites added to the page in the last few weeks.
Each link is cross-referenced on the page in its proper category. - guide to popular accredited cooking schools located in the United States. - a cooking school blog and guide providing information and tips about preparing for a career as a chef.

College Search - online colleges directory of U.S. University, school and online degree programs ans stats.

Miami Herald: Crumbling Schools
A great in-depth series on the poor shape of Miami-Dade County schools.

The Youth Free Expression Network (Y-FEN)
An anti-censorship coalition to challenge Internet filters, v-chips, abstinence-only education, etc.



"Defending Civilization: How Our Universities Are Failing America and What Can Be Done About It"
Though short, this .PDF format report from The American Council of Trustees and Alumni(ACTA), a nonprofit co-founded by Lynne Cheney and Senator Joseph I.Lieberman, has been getting quite a bit of media attention. The report is a scathing condemnation of universities for being "the weak link in America's response to the [September 11th] attack," a label earned in part because faculty "invoked tolerance and diversity as antidotes to evil" and did not discuss the "difference between good and evil." The report charges academia with disseminating the message to "blame America first.

State Departments of Education
Links to all of them.

International WWW Schools Registry

State Legislative Sites
Links to all of them.

American Council on Education

EdWeek: Early Childhood Education Rankings (By State)
See how your state scored.

College Affordability: State Rankings
A list from the Lumina Foundation. See how your state ranks.

National Public School Locator Search
Searchable database on schools, number of students, student-teacher ratio, student body ethnic makeup; search by school name, location, zip, grade.

American School Directory
Do searches for schools.
Track down Canadian schools.

U.S. Department of Education Strategic Plans & Annual Reports

U.S. Educational Resource Directory
A searchable directory of educational organizations. Search by form or by image map.

National Center for Education Statistics
A complete electronic catalog and fast facts.

U.S. Education Statistics: A Research Guide
Duke Universities Libraries has put together an extensive amount of educational resources like a private school locator, an international archive of education data and state salary surveys for teachers.

School District Data Book
National Center for Education Statistics' electronic library. Includes financial data on every U.S. school district.

International Archive of Education Data
Includes results of elementary, secondary, post-secondary and school library surveys, including synopses and raw data.

Academic Standards
Yahoo! offers K-12 academic standards for 40 states.

Department of Education: Public Education Data
Covers elementary and secondary schools from U.S.

ERIC Database
National Education Resources Information Center at Syracuse University offers research and materials from all federally funded labs.

Family Taxpayers Network
Look up teacher salaries at Illinois public schools. Helpful research tool.

Education Writers' Association Research Page
Hot topics, demographics and studies on K-12.

Education Associations and Organizations
Dozens of sites for journalists covering any level of education.

U.S. Department of Education

Academe Today
Chronicle of Higher Education.

College Student Credit Cards
Learn about proper credit usage and compare credit cards for college students.

National Education Association

Nation's Report Card
The Department of Education administers NAEP in several subject areas and publishes quantitative results in the participating states. state results.

Links to dozens of education sites.

Miami Herald: Crumbling Schools
A great in-depth series on the poor shape of Miami-Dade County schools.

U.S. News & World Report: Higher Education Databases
A searchable directory of colleges, including the magazine's famous rankings by subject.

College Opportunities Online
Links to more than 9,000 colleges, trade schools and universities in the United States.

Peterson's Grad School Resources
A good directory of graduate school links and background materials.

College and University Pages
Links to nearly every school imaginable.

EASI: Easy Access for Students and Institutions
U.S. Department of Education site on paying for college tuition. Some interesting background reading.

Legislation, Regulations and Policy Guidance

Network Nuggets
Links to dozens of education sites.


Lists educational loan option

Education Week
Electronic version of the magazine. Daily news updates.

Education Writers Association
For education reporters.

National Assessment of Educational Progress
NAEP was mandated by Congress to monitor knowledge, skills, and performance of the nation's children.

National Institute for Early Education Research

Time Magazine Education Coverage

Washington Post Education Coverage

CNN's Education Page
Great breaking news and trend stories in education.

Links to several good stories and education sites.

Coalition for Student and Academic Rights (COSTAR)
A network of lawyers, professors and students aimed at protecting academic rights. Good for finding sources and backgrounding.

St. Paul Pioneer Press: Where Race and Discipline Meet
Proportionately, minority students are suspended much more often than white students, a study shows.

Electronic School News

Association of Boarding Schools

National Association of Federal Education Program Administrators
Only a bunch of academics could have a title this long. It's a good site though, with links of interest and a newsletter.

The American School Board Journal
Several trend stories and educational resources and studies.
Claims it's the "first global portal for children, parents and teachers.

Council for Advancement and Support of Education

Study Guides and Strategies
A resource guide from the Learning Center of the University of St. Thomas.

The Digest of Education Statistics, 2001

FREE: Education Resources
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) makes hundreds of Net-based education resources easier to find. Features sections on technology, safety, etc.

Education Writers Association
A great site that includes research reports, story idea list, reporting tips and archive of good projects.

Quality Schools Now
This site allows people to share information about public schools and school staff who are either exceptionally helpful, or exceptional duds. It initially focusing on Genesee County, Mich., but it will be expanded until it acts as a gateway site to similar material for all of the United States.

The Internet in Public Schools
The National Center for Education Statistics has survey results measuring Internet access in U.S. public schools from 1994 to 2000.

SelectSurf Education Links
Links to several great education sites.

Education Index Report Card
Non-profit Washington D.C. think tank allows you to locate resources by state and compare public and private schools.
Privately run site covers mostly Arizona and California; may expand to other states.

School Wise Press
Compare California schools by using variables such as test scores and demographics.

MIT's World College and University Links

Galaxy Directions Education Site

Title I/Compensatory Education Programs
Offers studies and stats on teacher shortages nationwide.

NEA: National Teacher Shortage
Offers studies and stats.

Schoolwide IDEA Book

National Assessment of Educational Progress

Casey Journalism Center for Children and Families
A center for journalists who cover issues that affect children and families in America.

Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE) Home Page

Office of Research and Improvement (OERI)

Class Size Reduction

Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration Program

Association of School Business Officials

National Association of Secondary School Principals

National Association of Elementary School Principals

Generation YES: Youth and Educators Succeeding
Several cool projects, including a youth technology mentorship program.

Education Publications

Curriculum Services

Council of Chief State School Officers

Council of the Great City Schools

Title I Report

National Education Goals Panel

Institute for Educational Leadership

Roll Call Online
Find helpful sites for research.

Universities List

USA Colleges Research Resources
Has links on the 9-11 tragedy and other information.

Socratic Tutor
This service requires a fee, but it coaches you on the Socratic method of asking questions.

National Commission on the Senior Year
An education research and watchdog group on education standards.

Special Ed News
Focuses on special education and student/teaching needs.

Learning Exchange
News updates, education links and more.
Awards non-profit and philanthropy grants. Site has a publications, newsletters, research and sources page that could be helpful to journalists.

Schools to Watch
Organization promoting middle-grades school reform. Good place to find sources to speak on the topic.

Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning
A good links/resource page, state resources and more.
This site says about 30 percent of all students plagiarize on every term paper turned in.
A state-by-state breakdown of cybercheating, based on papers tested through's program.

The Youth Free Expression Network (Y-FEN)
An anti-censorship coalition to challenge Internet filters, v-chips, abstinence-only education, etc.

America's Alumni Directory
Features an alumni directory and more.

Bullying Online
A UK journalist shares this site, which is based in England but deals with school bullying issues from all over the world. Many reference and tips for parents, administrators, kids, etc.

Scholastic Research Tools: Women's History

Five College Archives Digital Access Project

Women In World History Curriculum

American Women's History: A Research Guide

Internet Women's History Sourcebook

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