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Last Update: Monday, Jan. 27, 2003

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Recent Additions to This Section
(This section features sites added to the page in the last few weeks.
Each link is cross-referenced on the page in its proper category.)

Funeral Broadcasts
A chance to rewrite history, giving the user the chance to write their own scenarios and sequels to historical events. Example: What would have happened had JFK not been killed?

The Onion
Is there anything cooler?
A good humor site aimed at the web audience.

Belly Button Lint Study
The science of lint. Very strange site.
Billed as the ultimate Elvis search engine and site directory, this is your Internet guide to the King.

Sopranos Mob Name Generator
Suddenly, it's cool to be a fat, bald guy from Jersey. Type in your name and database gives you a mob name.

Wu-Tang Clan Name Generator
Get your rapster-gangsta handle.

Oz Prison Bitch Name Generator
Luke Perry and Rick Fox have been to Oz. So has Edie Falco. Type in your name to get your Prison Bitch handle.

Star Wars Name Generator

Jedi Name Generator

Hockey Name Generator

Instant Tough Name Generator

Glitter and Glam Rock Name Generator

Pilgrim Name Generator

Middle-Earth Name Generator

Biliteral Anagram Generator

The Beatles
Video, sound clips and more.

Comedy Central's Joke of the Day

Comedy College
Radio show from public radio's Garrison Keillor.

Dumb Laws Database
Titled: Big Government. Small Brains. Dumb Laws. A collection of silly laws in the United States and othe countries. Good for news feature writing.

All Things William
Find quotes from folks named Bill, a history of the name "William" and links to columns by famous "Bills.
A site for lefty-friendly items such as ball gloves, address books, tools and Danish soup spoons.

Demotivators 2002
A hilarious job site from Despair, Inc.

Who Shares Your Surname?
Searches back to 1850.

The Onion
Is there anything cooler?
A good humor site aimed at the web audience.

Belly Button Lint Study
The science of lint. Very strange site.

Internet Anagram Server
What do the letters in your name spell?

An online database of fake phone numbers from movies and TV shows. Hilarious. It's a fan site, however.

A fan site dedicated to "freeing" Winona Ryder, who's accused of shoplifting. Order a T-shirt!

The 80s Server
ChiPs, New Wave and more.
A great flashback site.

Wacky Patent of the Month

A great site devoted to creative ideas, including inventions, themes for stores and restaurants and products.

Advertising Humor Site: Had Enough Info.
A mock agency site that is an absolute riot and is sadly true in many cases.

The Dialectizer
Convert English to several comic dialects. Hilarious.

Mr. Beller's Neighborhood
A collaborative online journal. The "table of contents" is a satellite photograph of New York City. Pick one of the areas highlighted as you scroll over the photo and get a bird's eye view image of landmarks in the area, or open up a text box with a story that happened in that area.

Web Sites of the Formerly Famous
One-hit wonders and celebs who've fallen from grace.

Liquid Generation
A great pop culture humor site that uses cool Flash animations.

The Mystery of Britney's Breasts
How does Britney Spears measure up?

Underwater Hockey Society
Stop the abuse!

Cyborger: Cyborg Name Converter
See what the acronym the letters of your name would spell if you were a cyborg.

Naked News
Mature Audiences Only: TV-style news delivered by newscasters in the buff!
Today's Media Bloopers.
A fun site with hilarious stories about famous people. Searchable index and organized by industries such as music, film, politics, etc.

Web Pages That Suck
A great offbeat/joke news site in the spirit of the Onion.

South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance
Yes, these folks track ghosts.
Tons of offbeat, goofy stories.
This is a 'zine published by a private author, but it has some good content of underground tunnels and buildings.

Time Capsule
Type in your birthdate and get a digest of news headlines, top song titles and other timely factoids covering that era.

Annoying or Not? Rate Celebrities
A veritable hit parade of song lyrics: parodies, misheard lyrics, and lyrics that are repetitive, funny, insulting, etc.

Pinball Database
A searchable database of specific designs. Very cool.
Great TV, fashion, music and pop culture site.

Yesterday's Weather
Enter your zip code and get the facts from the previous day. A fun parody site.

Get the lowdown on Twinkies and Ho Ho's.

Etiquette Hell
A special cyberplace created for the truly etiquette challenged, the purposely greedy, the ungrateful, and the uncivil members of society. Action Figures
Get your own George W. Bush or Osama bin Laden action figures.
Your online resource for nerd culture, life and work styles. Links, rankings, submit stories and more. The Season That Wasn't
A parody site on what WOULD have happened had the XFL stayed afloat.
Attractive models with casts on their legs. Way cool.

Famous Name Changes
Track celebrities, politicians.

Graveyards of Chicago
Look for names of folks who've voted in Chicago elections. Twice.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
A BBC site that sees the world through hitchhikers' eyes.

American Heritage: Overrated, Underrated
Do you buy the hype? Check this site out.

Scrambled Trivia Quiz
Test your level of useless knowledge.

No More AOL CDs
Join the crusade to rid the world of those mailed AOL CD-ROMS by donating them to the guys who built this site. They're attemptiing to collect 1 million of them to return to AOL with a "no thank you" note.

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy

Funeral Broadcasts
A chance to rewrite history, giving the user the chance to write their own scenarios and sequels to historical events. Example: What would have happened had JFK not been killed?

National Debt Clock
A cool tool that measures the debt and provides links to stories about the debt.

These cameras are fixed on the places Jesus is most expected to show up.

Jerk of the Week
A hilarious sports site.

Dentist Athletes Hall of Fame
A hilarious site about former pro jocks who now clean your teeth.
Learn how to mix those cool drinks.

MSNBC: Government Tax Refund Database
Does a state and/or the IRS owe you money? Type your name into this database and see.

Some states also have now put their lists of people who are owed money online.

Check Your Weight on Other Planets

Where's George Money Tracker
This silly site allows people to track their American dollar bills.

Ridiculous things the President says. More fodder for Comedy Central.

The Ad Graveyard
Examples of ridiculous advertising that almost made it.
Player journals about life in the minor leagues. Great perspective.
A collection of offbeat, funny stories from news sites. Offers a "doctor the photo" contest.

Famous Mugshots
Police mugs of celebrities.

Periodic Table of Funk
A tribute to all things funky.

Sports Hot Sheet
A quick-reference directory to any link about pro, college or amateur sports.
Rich Johnson's site has become a must-read for sports journalists and sports nuts. Great discussion forums.

What does your phone number spell?

Virtual Beer Server

Alanis Morissette Lyric Generator
Some people have too much time on their hands.
Some people REALLY have too much time on their hands.

Worst Case Scenarios
A hilarious survival handbook. Example: How to jump off a bridge.
The online handbook for bad people.
Share your favorite lists of everything.

Make Your Own Newspaper
Yahoo!'s Internet Life magazine links to some outrageous Web sites.

Corn Cam
Iowa Farmer magazine site's Web cam lets you watch the corn grow. The site also has a Dairy Cam and Soybean Cam.

Mark Twain Guide
A great site on Twain from the Hannibal Courier-Post.
A cool clearinghouse of trick sites.
Look up real surfing spots.
Great news parody site.

Bogus News Network
Another news parody site.

The Political Graveyard
This page tells us where dead politicians are buried. Search by name, state, cemetery name, etc.
A classic parody site. Think Jackass meets Tom Green.

American Slanguages
From Hick to Hip.

College Slanguage
Get the 411 on da bomb.

Jeremy's Wallet: Silly Sites on the Web
Some wild stuff here.

Timeless Mail
This product allows you to send e-mail after you're dead. Ties into your social security number and delivers pre-authored message.
Don't rely on accuracy of this site, but it posts a lot of executive salaries. Hilarious site! Mark Twain
Web site that accompanies Ken Burns' documentary on the author.

San Diego Chicken
Nice Flash opening. I'm a big fan of the Chicken.

Look up the grave site of your favorite dead public figure at

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