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Last Update: Monday, Feb. 10, 2003

Note: This page was audited on June 13, 2002, and broken links were repaired or removed. Pages will launch into a new browser.

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Links to hundreds of national columnists.

American Review's Media Criticism Page

Blue Eagle's American Media Columnists
This page claims to list more than 700 media columnists.

National Society of Newspaper Columnists
Links to hundreds of national columnists, contests, etc.

Organization of News Ombudsmen
Articles, columns, conferences, links to columns and membership listing.

Rich Johnson's Sports Pages Media Page
This page lists several news and sports media columnists.

The Drudge Report
The center column has links to several columnists, many of them media columnists.
A collection of movie critics' links.'s U.S. Newspaper Columnists List
It's a comprehensive list and has short explanations of what the columnists write about.

Columnists to CatchA great listing of about 30 must-read columnists.

Media Critics Links Page
A collection of a dozen or so links to media watchdog organizations.

Howard Kurtz's Media Notes
Great items from the Washington Post columnist.

Jim Romenesko's Media News
Great media gossip column from

Al's Morning Meeting
A great column on great news items from

TV Tattle
Listings of links to TV news and criticism from newspapers and Web sites. Global Journalism Community
A digital, interactive equivalent of an intelligent global op-ed page.

The Wall
Kimberly Blaker?s nationally syndicated column on church and state.

Chicago Sun-Times: Bob Feder
A great Sun-Times column that covers the Chicago TV news industry.

Chicago Tribune: Jim Kirk
A great Tribune column that covers Chicago and national media trends.

Chicago Reader Hot Type Column
A Windy City media criticism site. A great read.

Washington Post's Dot Mil Column
Written by William Arkin, a former military intelligence analyst.
A political journal with links to professional and personal posts.
A popular conservative political site from a New York Times journalist.

Arianna Huffington
A good political site from the syndicated LA Times columnist.

TV Critics Association


Commentary on the WTC/Pentagon attacks. More commentary can be found at newspapers linked off the Daily News page.

API: Sept. 11 Editorials
A listing of a couple dozen newspaper editorials on the tragedies.

Washington Post: Who's Leading and Who Isn't

Washington Post: Commentators are quick to beat their pens into swords

World Association for Christian Communications
A media watchdog organization from England that offers an alternative perspective than the mainstream media's view of values and religious issues. Has commentary on the coverage of the 9-11 tragedies.

Todd Gitlin's commentary on the media coverage and language For the arrogance of power America now pays a terrible price

Related Toolbox Pages: Media Industry Daily News Sites Media Ethics Entertainment