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Last Update: Oct 19, 2010


Recent Additions to This Section
Featuring websites added to the page in the last couple months

College degrees - College degree directory features schools and degrees for online degree programs.

ScholarPoint : Student Loans and Student Loans consolidation articles and archives including student loan research.

Media Literacy Teachers' Toolkit
Resources from

U.S. Journalism and Communications Schools
A journalism schools from

A Review of Trends in Journalism Education; Now the Clearing House on Reading, English and communications.



College News
A clearinghouse of news stories from campuses across the nation.

Student Press Law Center - Resources

Student Press Law Center: The College Top 10
Ten questions college student journalists most frequently ask about their rights.

Journalism Ethics at College Newspapers
A great site by Francis Frizzo at Hofstra University.

The Society for Collegiate Journalists
Nation's oldest organization dedicated to helping college journalists. Includes archive of its newsletter, The Reporter.

National Student News Service
A nonprofit news source for and by the collegiate media. Includes archive of stories, activist calendar, listserv and links resources page.

College Loans Capital - provides informative research and date regarding financial aid and college loan statistics.



Associated Collegiate Press: Jobs Database

Yahoo! List of College Newspapers

University of Tennessee Daily Beacon: Database of College Papers
Just enter the name of the paper, the school or state and search!

College Media Advisers Code of Ethical Behavior
Guidelines and a discussion among several college media advisers on the issue of prior review of student journalism.

Campus Weblines: Journalism Ethics
A short primer from the New York Times on the Web.

NY Times Weekly News Quiz
Do you read the newspaper? You better!

Interactive Spelling Test
Test yourself with an interactive quiz of common spelling mistakes. See how well you do!
A site for college media advisers. Job listings, resources.

Campus Newspapers on the Internet
A list of university and college newspapers.

CBI College Broadcasting

U.S. Journalism/Communications Schools

AP Style Exercises Online
Developed by Ron Hartung, writing/editing coach at the Tallahassee Democrat.

This site from University of North Carolina professor Frank Fee, is a collection of syllabi and links to online editing course syllabi that was created under the auspices of the Newspaper Division of AEJMC. (Note: Some of the links may be broken or outdated. The site is regularly being updated.)

ERIC Digest: A Review of Trends in Journalism Education

U.S. News and World Report's Top Colleges
See how your alma mater stacks up on the 2001 list.

U.S. News and World Report's Top J-Schools

College Affordability: State Rankings
A list from the Lumina Foundation. See how your state ranks.

Associated Collegiate Press
Jobs, articles on trends and more.

Toolbox Journalism Jobs Page
Links to dozens of newspaper, broadcast and new media job and internship sites. Journalism History Links
Great resource for researching term papers.

Crashing the Market: A Guide to Finding Jobs
Mike Reilley's Medill School of Journalism job-hunting site. Examples of cover letters, resumes, interview tips, tips from professionals and more!

Student Society for News Design
Based at the University of Missouri, this student site offers many resources. (A Flash-produced site.)

EASI: Easy Access for Students and Institutions
U.S. Department of Education site on paying for college tuition. Some interesting background reading.

"Defending Civilization: How Our Universities Are Failing America and What Can Be Done About It"
Though short, this .PDF format report from The American Council of Trustees and Alumni(ACTA), a nonprofit co-founded by Lynne Cheney and Senator Joseph I.Lieberman, has been getting quite a bit of media attention. The report is a scathing condemnation of universities for being "the weak link in America's response to the [September 11th] attack," a label earned in part because faculty "invoked tolerance and diversity as antidotes to evil" and did not discuss the "difference between good and evil." The report charges academia with disseminating the message to "blame America first.

Coalition for Student and Academic Rights (COSTAR)
A network of lawyers, professors and students aimed at protecting academic rights. Good for finding sources and backgrounding.
Northwestern University students produce this fine online magazine.

Society for Collegiate Journalists
Good resources and links page.

University and College Designers Association
A professional organization of designers and educators.

List of Accredited Journalism Schools

Student Media Listserv
Also see the Journalism Listservs Page


College Newspapers
Yahoo! has a complete list of college newspapers online.

A clearinghouse of news and links for college journalists.'s 9-11 Resources
Video TV news coverage of the events of Sept. 11 from broadcasters around the world. A great way to look at different ways the broadcast media told this story.

U.S. Department of Education Campus Security Stats
A searchable database of crime at more than 6,000 colleges and universities. The database contains statistics for criminal offenses, hate offenses and arrests for the past three years.

Security on Campus
A non-profit group fighting campus violence has articles, studies and other research on campus crime.

Justice on Campus Project
A super resource for college journalists, this online archive includes reports on disciplinary charges, speech codes, and censorship on college campuses around the country. The Project was one of 20 plaintiffs in the ACLU's successful challenge of the Communications Decency Act.

College Drinking Study (April 2002)
A study by the federally supported Task Force on College Drinking estimated that drinking by college students contributes to 1,400 deaths, 500,000 injuries and 70,000 cases of sexual assault or date rape a year.

The Harvard School of Public Health College Alcohol Study (April 2002)
Despite a decade of alcohol awareness education programs. on America's college campuses, little has changed in student alcohol use. In addition, there has been a 31 percent increase in the number of binge drinkers at all women's colleges from 1993 to 2001, according to the study.

Photojournalism e-book: Breaking into Photojournalism
Kenneth Wajda, an author and an award-winning photojournalist, wrote an e-book for students and other photographers interested in how to break into the business of photojournalism. He covers how to find and shoot spot news, the importance of professional ethics and respect, how to build a sports and people portfolio on the side, and how to approach news and photo editors with your photographs. A must-read for aspiring photojournalists. Diversity, Democracy and the J-School Professor
A great set of tips and links for adding diversity to college journalism classes.

The College

Society for Collegiate Journalists

ASNE: List of Journalism Schools
This list of journalism schools is maintained by ASNE.

Media Literacy Teachers' Toolkit
Resources from

U.S. Journalism and Communications Schools
A journalism schools from

Education Writers Association
For education reporters.

Journalism & Mass Communication Annual Surveys
From the James M. Cox, Jr. Center for International Mass Communication Training and Research at the University of Georgia.

Photojournalism Education Resources
Names and contact information for photojournalism college profs.

Photojournalism Ethics Timeless Issues
A paper from Paul Martin Lester, Ph.D. at Cal State Fullerton.

College Pictures of the Year
NPPA and University of Missouri competition.

PICS: Photojournalism in Cyberspace
A cool college photojournalism project.

NY Times Campus Weblines: Interviewing Techniques
Covers the basics very well. Good for college, high school journalists.

NY Times Campus Weblines: Beat Reporting
Covers the basics very well. Good for college, high school journalists. Basics of PR
Learn the fundamentals. Great for students.
Another good fundamentals site for students.

New York Times: College
You'll need a subscription to NY Times online.

PhD. Info Find
A great site for looking into schools, financial aid, etc.

Columbia University: "Deconstructing the Empire State Building"
The New Media Workshop of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism built a multimedia site exploring New York's (now) tallest structure. The site features: profiles of some of the more colorful tenants; a look at how secure the building is; a Feng Shui tour; an interactive timeline; views from the top, and much more.
This site says about 30 percent of all students plagiarize on every term paper turned in.

Center for Academic Integrity
A commercial service to detect Internet plagiarism.

Journalism/Reporting/Student Listservs

Academic Rights Coalition

Campus Party

Students for Responsible Business

All About College


School Finder

School Work  - Find research mater material by school subject or college matter. Features info on online colleges by state.

Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act
October 2002. UPDATE. Website has evolved into Security on Campus

College Music Journal

Guide for Writing Research Papers
It's not journalism-related, but we figure you could use it!

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