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Last Update: Thursday, Jan. 16, 2003

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Recent Additions to This Section
(This section features sites added to the page in the last few weeks.
Each link is cross-referenced on the page in its proper category.)

Illinois News Broadcasters Association
One of the largest state broadcast news groups in nation, with radio and TV members from across the Land of Lincoln. Also has some great job listings for all journalists.

Journalist's Toolbox: Broadcasting Jobs
A great listing of broadcast job-hunting sites.

Radio-TV News Directors Assn.

Read Don Fitzpatrick's excellent e-newsletter on broadcast news online. Or register for the e-newsletter! Strategies for Local TV News
Trends and tips on the industry.'s 9-11 Resources
Video TV news coverage of the events of Sept. 11 from broadcasters around the world. A great way to look at different ways the broadcast media told this story.

A great TV news industry site. Links, job listings, insider gossip and contact information for nearly 1,600 stations.

Best Practices in Journalism: Fostering Better Politics Coverage
Hundreds of video clips, seminars and tips sheets on covering politics. Web Crawler
Great for developing story ideas, this site scans the Web sites of more than 400 local television stations, and compiles and e-mails the results. Also a free e-mail newsletter.

Lost Remote: Converting TV Scripts to the Web
A great set of tips.

Television Newswriting Workshop
A free site loaded with writing and storytelling tips for broadcasters.

Plugged In: Using the Internet for High School and Professional Journalism
Downloading this online publication from the Radio and Television News Directors Foundation will prove valuable to students and educators, station interns and journalists new to the profession.

FCC: Cross-Ownership Studies FCC Cross-Ownership Studies

FCC: Center for Digital Democracy Video Photography and Editing Ethics
Al Tompkins of the Poynter Institute urges the National Press Photographers Association to adopt ethics guidelines for video photography and editing.

Tyndall Report
Tracks what the network news covers by how many minutes the evening and morning newscasts devote to topics.

National Academy of Television Journalists

National Association of Broadcasters

Broadcast Education Association
Studies, news, teaching tools and a huge database of members.

Prometheus Radio Project
Support, training and organizing for non-commercial community radio broadcasters.

Associated Press Broadcast Site

Federal Communications Commission
Handbooks, resources, press releases, bureau/office listings, contact information and more.
Chats, links, resources and trends in TV news.

RTVJ Online
The Radio-Television Journalism Division of The Association for Education in Journalism & Mass Communication focuses on the teaching, practice, study and research of broadcast news.

National Association of Broadcasting Education Foundation
Education resources, seminars, etc.

A great news industry Weblog with several good TV news resources. A TV convergence site.
A TV news industry gossip site.

Vanderbilt University Television News Archive
Billed as the broadcast industry's home page.

Voice of America Pronunciation Guide

Voice of America: Recent Names in the News

Journeys in Sound: Radio Storytelling Techniques
National Public Radio reporter John Burnett offers tips in this session, which includes audio clips.

Television News Center
Tips, training, etc.

Pronunciation Guide
Helpful deadline tool for TV reporters, anchors, editors and researchers. Merriam Webster also has a pronunciation guide on its site.

MediaLink Broadcast Glossary
Terms and basics.

Your 100 Most Mispronounced Words

Your 100 Most Misspelled Words

Ohio University: 44 Tips for Greater Accuracy
Another good university site that features links to readings exercises and more.

Mervin Block's Broadcast Newswriting Workshop
A tips section is available from two of his newswriting textbooks. An occasional mailing list is available by writing to

Newscript: Writing for Radio
This site is run by Michael Meckler, a professor of classical and medieval Latin literature at Ohio State University. A useful guide to various forms of audio journalism, along with practical tips on writing for the ear.

Internet Radio:

Internet Radio: Tips
Tips such as "Writing News Online - A Dozen Tips," "Online Storytelling Forms," "Online Thinking" -- and from others: "Converting TV Scripts for the Web," "Thinking Outside the Templates," "Web Writers' Mistakes."

Detroit Free Press: A Psychologist's View on Interviewing
An interesting perspective.

HOT AIR: Tips for Citizen Storytellers
TV and radio interviewing tips from broadcast veteran Jay Allison.

Using Hidden Cameras

KLAS TV: Guide to Copyright in Readable English
A Las Vegas TV station covers the basics.

Television News Center
A public nonprofit that trains TV journalists. Site offers tips, training, etc.

PBS: Inside Local News Documentary

Edward R. Murrow Reports
Listen to audio reports from one of the best broadcast news journalists of his era. Amy Bowers' TV Column
An archive of Amy Bowers' monthly television columns for, a photojournalism site.

CBI College Broadcasting

The Radio and Television News Directors Foundation High School Survey
RTNDF is launching a High School Journalism Project. Fill out this survey to give the organization ideas on how to do it. RTNDF's goals are to "help identify, inspire, train and challenge the next generation of electronic journalists and First Amendment advocates, even before they get to college."'s Broadcast Resources Page

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting: Who's in the News?
A May 2002 study on how network news skew white, males and the elite.

9/11 Television Archive

University of Iowa: Sept. 11 Visual Collections

Tyndall Report
Tracks what the network news covers by how many minutes the evening and morning newscasts devote to topics.

Web Sites for TV News Producers

APTN (AP Television) Weekly Editorial News Planner
Look for the link in the gray box, right side of page (url changes weekly).

BBC Monitoring: The Week Ahead's Broadcast Producer Resources

News Producing Page
Information and links to the business of broadcast news--specifically radio and TV.

The Producer Page
A great forum for TV news producers.

Library of American Broadcasting
A collection of audio and video recordings, books, pamphlets, periodicals, personal collections, oral histories, photographs, scripts, and vertical files devoted exclusively to the history of broadcasting.

Television and Radio News Research
Several great links to research, compiled by the University of Missouri.

SpeechBot Audio/Video Search Engine

State Broadcast Associations Directory

More State Broadcast Associations
A great site from talent coach Shirley Brice, who does a weekly coaching chat for broadcasters.

TV Technology
Industry resources, news on the industry and FCC/regulatory information.
Search software that tracks what's being said on TV scripts.

Poynter: Storytelling by Teams
How to do a better job of presenting the news.

Lost Remote
A super site on newsroomconvergence from Cory Bergman, a former TV journalist in Seattle.

PRNDI: Public Radio News Directors Incorporated

Radio Stations on the Internet
A super search engine from MIT.

DMOZ Broadcast News Directory
Dozens of good links.
Claims to have views from local TV news viewers' likes/dislikes.
News on the industry, links to TV critics, and more!

b-roll Online
A great site for TV and print photojournalists.

Billed as the "ultimate resource" for the TV industry. Links, job postings and more.

News Professional Network
Links and resources for the broadcast news business.

The BIG TV Job List
This site spiders the Web gathering TV job openings from all the TV station Web sites, packages them and e-mails them to subscribers every two weeks. Go to this site to sign up.
A good photojournalism page.

The Backhaul
A free daily index of news produced by the nation's local television journalists. It is delivered in an e-zine format each morning for use by news managers, producers and reporters.

Association of Local TV Stations

National Cable TV Association

Journalism UK's TV/Radio Site

Writing for the Radio

TV Rundown Newsletter
Focuses on local news.
Sections on local news coverage, history, entertainment, etc.

Minorities in Broadcasting Training Program

Society of Broacast Engineers

FCC Universal Licensing System
Includes downloadable databases of communications licenses, such as radio and television licenses, transmitting devices, etc.

Google's Community Radio Directory

National Federation Of Community Broadcasters
This organization is dedicated to ensuring the survival of community radio in the United States.

Journeys in Sound: Radio Storytelling Techniques
National Public Radio reporter John Burnett offers tips in this session, which includes audio clips.

Free Radio Broadcasting Prep Resources
Various, free prep materials pre-approved for use in broadcasts.

FlashTV British News Site
Site for TV news journalists seeking work. Agency-related site.

Local Web News: Case Study of Nine Local Broadcast Internet News Operations
A study by the Radio and Television News Directors Foundation.
Want viewers to discover you? Learn how your talent can break-through the clutter.

The Dialectizer
Convert English to several comic dialects. Hilarious.

Vault/TVSpy Career Guide to Agents & Auditions
Looking for a TV news job? You've got to know about two things: picking an agent, and sending in an audition tape. The book advertised on this site says, "The best way to make sure you succeed at these crucial tasks: read the TVSpy Career Guide to Agents & Auditions, written by Don Fitzpatrick, the founder of TVSpy and a TV broadcast legend." Cost of the book is about $30.

CNN: Reliable Sources Transcripts
Transcripts from recent editions of Reliable Sources, TV's "first and only weekly program to put the media under the microscope.

Text from past editions of the ABC news magazine show.

Companion site to ABC's late-night news magazine show, hosted by Ted Koppel.

48 Hours
Companion site of the CBS news magazine show.

60 Minutes
Companion site of the CBS news magazine show.

Dateline NBC
Scripts, background and other resources from the NBC investigative magazine show.

TV Barn
Kansas City Star television columnist Aaron Barnhart writes a weblog about television. Using File Tape of Disasters
Guidelines for doing it responsibly.

Old Time Radio
Webcasts of old radio programs such as The Shadow and The Jack Benny Show.

Illinois News Broadcasters Association
One of the largest state broadcast news groups in nation, with radio and TV members from across the Land of Lincoln. Also has some great job listings for all journalists.

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National Association for Minorities in Communications

Minorities in Broadcasting Training Program

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