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Last Update: Monday, June 2, 2003

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Recent Additions to This Section
(This section features sites added to the page in the last few weeks.
Each link is cross-referenced on the page in its proper category.) Business News Stock Markets

Asia Business Intelligence Blog

NY Times Business section

This site, built by CNN and Money magazine, launched Oct. 2001.

Bloomberg Business News
A great site for updates on the day's business events.

American City Business Journals
Full-text articles from 40 local business journals around the country.
Each American City Business Journal should lists dozens of resources, including the top 25-100 employers in its metro area, which you can either order online or view the top 5 of online.
Good source: Money magazine's online financial center.
Good "big picture" stories and survey, stats that are helpful for personal finance stories.
See aforementioned sites.

Financial Times
Good breaking pieces on the Internet and non-tech business.

Investor's Business Daily

Barron's Online
Complete magazine accessible on subscription.

Crain's Chicago Business
Coverage of the Board of Trade, advertising, p.r., tech and other Chicago-based industries.

Business Week

Smart Business

Individual Investor's Finance Tips and Tools Page
Mortgage and refinance calculator, college planner, track stocks and more.'s Financial Briefs
Short, breaking stories on stocks, tech and more.

Business Publications Search Engine
Search several topics, including Internet business, intellectual property issues, industry publications, economics, management and more.
Breaking business news from Europe.

The Daily Deal
Breaking business news.

CEOTrak Business News
News feed from executive portal.

Hispanic Business Magazine

Alley Cat News
Business news on Silicon Valley. Business Industry News
Broken down by industry and is easy to use.

NewsEdge NewsPage
Offers one of the Web's largest collection of business, financial, industry, trade and company-specific news and information.

Chicago Tribune Business section

LA Times Business section

San Jose Mercury News Business section

CNN Financial news
Quick updates on the day's business events.

CBS Marketwatch
Links to hundreds of business stories and tips.

FOX Marketwire

ABC News Business section's NewsTracker
Updates every 15 minutes.
Claims to be a leading provider of live market analysis
on the Net.Part of the site is free, other sections charge.

The Motley Fool

The Economist Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine

Fast Company
News on trends in the business/corporate industry.

Futures Magazine

Industry Week

Business 2.0 Business News Stock Markets

Asia Business Intelligence Blog
Tracks business trends.
This free site is a source for news about companies, with a special emphasis on dot-coms. Good for getting tips on layoffs and cutbacks before they're officially announced. It's centerpiece is a message board full of corporate gossip, but it also has job-hunting and resume resources.

Nightly Business Report

Red Herring
Hard-core business and tech news.

Family Money
Business news for Gen X-ers.

The Daily Deal
Covers deals and dealmakers. Sections include Movers & Shakers and Media Maneuvers.
Business site for the beginner.

Global Jumpsite for Marketing and Business Journals
Dozens of helpful links.

Business Journals Online
A listing of hundreds of journals.

Black Enterprise

Women's Wire Money section

Initial Public Offering News


iVillage Money Life

AARP Financial advice

Mutual Fund Cafe

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