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Last Update: Monday, Feb. 10, 2003

The Journalist's Toolbox is a property of The Media Center at The American Press Institute. The site was purchased from journalist Mike Reilley, who created it, on Feb. 1, 2003.

The site started in 1996 as a page linked off of one of Reilley's Newswriting class syllabi at Northwestern University. Over the years, Reilley and his students kept adding links to the one-page site, along with help from journalists, acadmeics and others. It became an official "dot-com" in May 2001 and is on track to break 1 million page views in its first two years.

Today, seven years later, the Toolbox features more than 18,000 resources on 110 pages. Reilley still operates the site in his spare time, relying on friends in the industry to share sites with him. Journalists, researchers, teachers and students from Japan, England, Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, China, Africa, Canada, El Salvador and nearly every U.S. state have contacted Reilley with comments and contributions.

The Toolbox serves many purposes. It's a resource for editors, reporters and news librarians. It's a teaching tool for college and high school journalism instructors. It's a research tool for many students, whether they are studying journalism or not. And a surprising number of non-journalists are using the site. People such as lawyers, doctors, social workers, corrections officers and scientists have contributed comments and links. For more background on the site, check out the Q&A interview Reilley did with the African Press Network for the 21st Century in March 2002.

More than 600 media outlets, journalists and journalism organizations link to the Toolbox off their web sites. The site has been featured in The Columbia Journalism Review,, USA Today and dozens of newsletters and trade magazines.

The site is not affiliated with any cause or political organization, though it does accept banner advertising. Sites listed outside of banner ads are selected based on their value to news journalists, nothing more. Our goal is to provide access to fair, balanced resources that offer many perspectives on a given issue. Editors do reserve the right to reject any site submitted for consideration.

We update the site every weekday evening and once on the weekend. Check back regularly for updates and resources on breaking news on the front page throughout the day.

We recently redesigned the site, streamlining the banner for faster download and a more appealing presentation. Let us know what you think of the new look. Check out what front pages of the Toolbox used to look like using the Wayback Machine's Web page archive.

We also added an e-newsletter that has more than 1,400 members. The list includes journalists from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Asia, Mexico and all over Europe. Some of the media outlets subscribing to the listserv: The New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, Detroit Free Press, Cleveland Plain Dealer, San Francisco Chronicle, Portland Oregonian, Cox Newspapers, Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune, Seattle Times, Gannett Newspapers, FOX News and Others include representatives from FOX News, Fox Sports, Knight Foundation, the Newseum, Indiana University, Stanford, Yale, Harvard, Colorado State, Indiana State, Washington University, Cal State Long Beach, Auburn, Western Michigan, Utah State, Arizona, Ole Miss, SMU, George Washington, George Mason, Kansas State and Northwestern University.

Learn more about the site in its awards and honors section.

Hopefully, you will find the site useful and if you don't, by all means get in touch with Reilley by e-mailing him at

A special thanks goes out to everyone who visits or links to the site. Without you, there would be no Journalist's Toolbox.

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